How You Know You Need an Event Planner

Whether you’re taking on your very first event or you’ve been doing it for years, event planning is tough! Planners, whether by trade or chance, are inundated with neverending details tied to any event, big or small: fundraising, invitations, budget management, food orders, managing RSVPs, creating seating charts, writing timelines and so much more!

No matter what the event, help from anyone makes things easier. Oftentimes, the arduous road of planning requires the help of a professional event planner. Here are 5 ways to know you need one:

  1. You Have Simultaneous Parts Happening: If there is anything going on at the same time of your event that you also have to manage, stop and get help now!

  2. You Want To Save Money: A common misconception is that event planning is an expensive luxury. The reality is, however, that event planners often save their clients money. A seasoned planner knows how to negotiate on your behalf so venues, caterers, photographers and DJ’s don’t take advantage of your major event excitement. A great planner also has ideas on how to achieve more with less. They’ll bluntly let you know what can be cut out of your plans so that you buy three bubbles bottles in bulk instead of 100 individually wrapped ones.

  3. You Have More Than Two Vendors: Most events require the help of outside vendors to either prepare food, design a set, decorate or to help out. Juggling conversations and contracts with all of them can be tricky especially when you are handling your own part of the planning process. Letting a professional handle, negotiate and manage these equally important contributors to your event is essential to ensuring that it is successful.

  4. You Are Managing A Lot of People: Whether a large family or an extra long guestlist, if a key part of your planning involves emailing, calling, or managing more than 50 people, get help- fast. Not only does this require an enormous amount of time (and patience) but it can often get a little dicey when you’re trying to track people down and be polite. Let someone else be bad cop. If anyone complains, you can always blame the crazy planner.

  5. You Want to Avoid Headaches: Someone will not show up, the cake will fall, the DJ won’t show up and a major thunderstorm will hit. Let’s face it, the unexpected is what makes event planning drive you to brink of insanity. If your ability to put out fires is not exactly stellar or you are simply hoping to avoid a few tears, tantrums and sleepless nights, then Hire. An. Event. Planner.

If any of these rings true for you, then you probably need to hire an event planner. You'll thank yourself later.

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