5 Tips for a Care-Free Wedding Day


1. Vendors: List the names of contacts for your venue, catering company, florist, DJ, video and any other hired help. Have someone call each one first thing in the morning to confirm drop off time, menus, directions, payment, etc. Make sure they have someone else’s number to call in case they run into any problems.

2. Clothing: Does everyone have dresses (most importantly- the two people getting married!), shoes, jewelry, suits, and other accessories? Assign one person in charge of making sure everyone is set the night before and morning of

3. Golden List: Distribute a list with the name and number of every key wedding party member- groomsman, flower girl (parents), wedding planner, officiant, etc. Next to name and role, assign “in case of” tasks. (For ex: “Catering questions should contact Groom’s uncle, John Perez.” On wedding day, Uncle John will have authority to make calls on what to do if the pasta runs out, or when to bring out dessert. Make copies for everyone involved plus a few extra. This way no one comes to you with any problems on your day

4. Timeline: Map out what the day will look like down to the minute for everyone in your party. Include even the smallest of tasks like waking up, showers, travel time and makeup touch-ups. Be sure to build in 5-10 minutes transition times. Once you have a master, make sure each person has a copy. On wedding day have someone tape copies in the bridal suite, on the floors, walls, everywhere you all will be

5. Emergency ‘25’ Kit: Bring along a shoe box filled with these 25 essentials: band-aids, aspirin, stain remover, needle and thread, nail polish, polish remover, hair spray, safety pins, feminine products, deodorant, sunblock, nail clipper, poncho, underwear, toothbrush, comb, water, tweezers, lotion, glue, mouthwash, perfume, an extra phone charger and a small snack- you never know when you’ll need a pick-me-up. You’ll be set for anything!


That’s it.

Once you’ve covered these bases you won’t need to worry about anything! All you have to do is enjoy your day. Everything else will work itself out.

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