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Whether you have a company of 100+ employees or you own a startup that is still building, finding the right event staff is integral to success. No matter what the event is, there are a few key characteristics to look for when hiring a great staff. If you can find a group that collectively covers all of these bases, you’ll be sure to hit a homerun:

Passion. A passionate staff will be noticeable to attendees and make an event run smoothly. People who are genuinely excited about lighting, color palettes, timeline charts, or simply the purpose of a specific event, will add a much-needed dose of energy especially for high-stakes events.

Quick Thinkers. Inevitably, things will happen; the LCD screens aren’t working, a fuse blows, the caterer got the wrong address. To make sure that the client as well as guests do not fret, your team mustn’t. Someone who is able to think on their feet in the event of any fire, big or small, is essential to a successful team.

Composed. They have to keep their cool at all times. Sometimes a client can be difficult under pressure, a guest can be cranky after not enjoying the food and people can make unreasonable demands. You need to find someone who can handle these situations gracefully without ever breaking a sweat.

Leaders. While I would caution against having too many chiefs, it is always good to have at least one other person who can lead a team so that you are able to stand back and maintain a bigger perspective of the entire event. Make sure you clearly indicate who this leader is and select someone who can both delegate and be a team player.

Experience. Giving people a shot is important. However, experience is important. Event specific experience is not the only experience that is valuable here. People who have served as managers, worked in the food industry, hospitality or even educators (who know all about maintaining peace in a hectic environment with needy people) can be equally valuable as event veterans.

The final piece to a great staff is YOU. In order for any event, big or small, to function, the leader of the group must give the team tools to succeed. A staff must be trained, prepared with event schedules, emergency numbers, layouts, and as much information as possible needed to handle virtually any situation. Finally, as the leader, you should be able to identify the right combination of personalities that would make a successful team. No matter what kind of team you end up with, be clear with expectations and goals and things will run smoothly. Good luck!

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